Excellent drawing, John. You've certainly got the texture.

Thanks Lewis. If I Had shaved the animal before drawing it I would have got study the other way round, more form and less texture. LOL

It looks to be a good accurate study John, but I expect no less from you anyway. You've got some good hair texture going on. Should you have drawn in the feet and nose?, possibly!

Super texture, John, lovely drawing

Thank you Sandra and Thalia your commments are appreciated.

Yes you are right Alan, I should have completed it. Thanks for pointing that out. I do like that sort of comment.

Great sketch John. When are we going to see her nose and feet? LOL.

Thanks Margaret, naughty of me. Lol actuallly I intended to grass that bit in.

Nicely observed John it’s so easy to get the proportions wrong on a big animal. I walked past a field of black and white cattle this morning they were challenging just to sort them out. Because of the markings they looked like jigsaw pieces.

An excellent sketch, John. Fabulous.

Thanks a Sylvia, this was a creamy white coloured animal. No idea of the breed.

Lovely texture, a very good study, John.

A great pencil study John.

This is smashing John, the texture has come through, I can see the dense tightly curled coat over the neck and shoulders. Lovely drawing.

You have caught her textures and form beautifully John. She does need a nose and some feet though..... grass is the easy way out lol.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Pencil, Texture and Form Study. Size A4. Taken from my own reference photography. Cannot alway get onto POL, but one up for today.

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