That Bird's Face

That Bird's Face

Love that face.

Nice sketch John. What a determined looking bird. Well, it is the breeding season.

Thank you Sylvia and Michael, appreciated.

Have you been looking at my bird?!! Nice one again john

she doesn't look to pleased with you drawing her although she should be it's very well done John

Yes, someone/something is in for it!! Excellent lively sketch John.

Lovely drawing John. I think her mate is down at the pub again!! But what's this I see? You're being unfaithful to your little Robin - shame on you.

Paul, David, Fiona and Adele. Your amusing comments are very much appreciated. It was only a rough sketch I just wanted to get that look on its face, and I got it.

Great expression! And a great drawing.

A smashing drawing John!

Your comments are very much appreciated folks. Thank you

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil Sketch A4. I saw this bird in a magazine I think, or book and thought that face I must draw that face.

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