Freshwater Bay IOW

Freshwater Bay IOW

Lovely pastel scene with beautiful colours.

Love it all, especially the trees and sky...great sketching John.

Lovely composition and colours 😃

A lovely pastel, John.

Simply wonderful John, the location, the style and I love the introduction of the figure and the strong shadow areas.

I agree with the above comments: this is beautiful, John. Full of spontaneity and lovely colours.

Lovely depth of colour giving an east perspective -makes a lovely painting John.

Just love it John! I echo all the other comments. Beautiful work

Thank you Sandra, Lewis, Linda, Ellen, Alan, Mia, Dennis, Willie, Thalia. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

I think I know just where that is .... I was born not far from there: the world is still rejoicing some 67 years later. Or not, perhaps. This is typical of parts of the island's coast, with trees coming right down to the shore-line - gnarled and battered, thanks to the winds and water and salt-logged soil. Love the place - you've captured it.

Thanks Robert its alway a great feeling when someone can place themselves in a scene I have painted. A great love of mine the IOW first time I visited as a teenager I did not want to go home. So I have been back many times since. A beautiful island only 26 miles across yet it consist of a very wide range of super terrain.

More great pastel work!

Posted by T H on Mon 12 Mar 18:06:09

A relaxing place to be,so beautifully painted, John.Just want to be there .

Wonderful and fresh John.

That is lovely John.. I cannot get on with pastels but you certainly can. Did you spot Robert Jones when you were creating this ?

Thank you Tim, Annick and Fiona, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Hi Sylvia, No I did not meet Robert but it would have been a pleasure I am sure. Or could that be him in on the shore ??

A very lively painting John. Beautifully done.

Hang on Studio Wall

En plein air pastel sketch, size 10x8 inches. Looking towards the Needles. There was a lot of shipping traffic which are just hinted at in the distance.

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