About to Perch

About to Perch

Beautifully captured John, love the detail in the wing. Looks ready for some grub lol.

Caught in the act great John by the way love your headdress

Delightful John. +1 like

A great shot John, and a lovely painting to do it justice.

A great moment that you have captured John, especially when you can take all the credit.

Lovely John, a moment captured perfectly.

A Great Tit I believe John and very well painted I like it . My wife calls me a Great Tit Mostly .lol

Thank you Mary, Annie, Dennis Rounding, Kal, Alan, Linda, Russell, Andre, and Dennis Roberts.

I am sure your wife calls you a great tit in affection Dennis.

Beautifully captured, John. You must have a lot of patience to take such a photo to refer to!

Thank you Ellen. All my birds in action I photographed myself, I would spend a morning at a time trying to get the right images. I will get hundreds of shots in a week but only two or three would be suitable. However it’s great fun you have to anticipate what the birds next move it. As always practice makes perfect.

I do like the way you portray your birds John, you inject some life in your action shots.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas board. size 8x6 inches. Produced from my own reference photography.

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John Graham Inkson

Life From The Easel. As an artist I see my self as an all rounder. Ive worked with all the painting mediums, as well as silk screen printing, ceramics, small sculptures, sign writing, murals, graphic design and digital art. I went to Cardiff University to do graphic design rather than do a fine…

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