Green plums and pears

Green plums and pears

Petra, this is stunning. The reflections in the table surface, the light on the silver and the fruit and the beautiful, finely painted cloth - I'm lost for words!

So perfect and such a smooth look to the painting. No idea how you achieve this - but it is wonderful.

You have a wonderful technique Petra - congratulations!!

Petra, First real chance I have had to browse your portfolio, wonderful work and I particularly like the rendering of the silver and relection.You have pulled it off perfectly I am amazed as to how you achieve this level of photo real perfection in painting. How long do you spend on a painting such as this ? Wonderful work. Manus

Many thanks Jane, Thea, Debs and Manus for your very kind comments. Manus It takes me about a week, I can only paint a couple of hours in the evening and maybe 4 or 6 during the weekend, as I work full time. I dont have any technique I just mix colours and enjoy painting

Great picture as always - painted to perfection: composition, colours etc - keep them coming

As always -- amazing work

This is a fantastic piece of work Petra. You've captured the reflections perfectly.

Wonderful "chiaro scuro" - your pleasure in painting shines out to be shared by us....superb!

Superb as always, I particularly like the jug and the wonderful soft light you have captured on it.

Very well done Petra. The reflection of the silver and the plums is perfect.

One word, brilliant as usual, um, that's three words!!!

Beautiful painting again Petra. Your work always looks so crisp and clear. Wonderful.

There is little to add, I agree with the others. I adore your portfolio. My husband says my symmetry is poor. Yours is perfect.

A very striking piece wonderfully painted, those reflections are superb.

You could be a professional artist, your work is absolutely stunning, gallery standard. Well done!!

Thank you Michael, Charles, Peter, Avril, Lesley, Carole, Louise, Denise, Sue, Val and Satu for your very nice comments, very much appreciated

Really, really super, Petra! Love everything about this painting - it's so elegant, so beautifully balanced and magnificent in its totality. It's fabulous!

Just what can I add to all these totally correct comments. Loving your work Petra - I'm going to have to try and persuade you to do a demo at the club???

Thank you so much Seok and Sara for your very kind comments, much appreciated. Sara I have no idea how to demo as I dont know how I do it myself, I just mix colours and paint. I have not been painting long enough to know any better and never been taught how to paint!

You are pretty amazing Petra , Your still life paintings are superb and I'm sure people are knocking down the door to buy them, they are so good and I am so envious of your skills.

You are pretty amazing Petra , Your still life paintings are superb and I'm sure people are knocking down the door to buy them, they are so good and I am so envious of your skills.

Thank you Wiliam for your very nice comment, I really appreciate it. People like them and I've sold some of them

Petra, thank you for your kind comments on my sea fret painting. I don't know how much practice I will need to ever get to the standard of your work which is superb. Your colours look so clean and the lighting effects make me want to pick up the fruit, feel the cloth or touch the ornament! The still lifes you set up are all wonderful.

thank you Pat for your very kind comment, much appreciated

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cms (39" x 40"), deep edge. First attempt to capture reflections of the silver on a shiny surface

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Petra Palmeri

General Practitioner and Artist based in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Petra holds a particular interest in still life and animals. Some of her paintings have been published in "Artist and Illustrators" and ‘The Artist’ magazines.

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