Which is best.

Which is best.

Personaly, I like the original Peter, but the end choice is always yours..

Depends which you enjoy best Jim

Sorry I meant Peter of course

I like original although the other is colourful it sends my eyes funny Peter ;)

I like the honesty of the original. You have caught the movement there whereas the graphic 'correction' seems more frozen to me. But still, it makes a good picture also -worth the experiment..

Each very different Peter. The photoshop one is fun and could be used, say, on a poster. The other is all yours , but, as I said earlier, you could make use of photoshop to give you ideas.

I prefer the computer enhanced unfortunately! Why don't you paint the computer enhanced version and make it your own?

I like them both but I think the original has the edge, nice work on both of them.

Hang on Studio Wall

Originals or photoshop enhanced originals.?

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Just wanna say thanks to all who have commented on my efforts to paint. You have given me encouragement to push myself and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Thanks again. Peter.

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