Like the colours and the way you work loosely. I am also on the 'long' road of learning to paint portraits, a challenge worth pursing.

Beautifully painted Paulette

Lovely Paulette fresh and well painted

It looks really lovely Paulette.

Thanks for the feedback, I was really unsure with this being my first painting for so long :)

I like this very much! Your style is Eye Catching.

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My first oil painting for quite some time. It's taken a while to get back into it, with lots of reading and lots of asking questions on forums. Luckily I took some photographs of this camellia before it died as it took me so long to paint it, but it's turned out nearly how I wanted it with the exception of wanting to add more fine detail at the end which my brushes just wouldn't allow me to do. The lines came out clumpy and irregular.

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Professional Artist. For 2020 I have decided to focus my work on cricket (which I love) and figure / portrait paintings and drawings. Although I am able to draw and paint birds, still lifes and animals and have been successful selling them I noted that whilst painting them I was forever thinking…

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