Bertie is gorgeous the charcoal and conte have worked very well.

Bertie looks a feisty character! You've got a lovely touch, Paulette. The charcoal is so delicately done, the added colour just right.

I do love your work Paulette, another gorgeous bird portrait and full of character.

Bertie is gorgeous Paulette. I love his breast feathers.

Love the feather depiction and the eyes are terrific. Really nice.

Thanks for the great feedback 😀

Wow that has worked so well Paulette he's gorgeous.

Not just your average nervous robin, Paulette. Has some real character...Nice work.

Bertie looks wonderful Paulette, such a great painting.

Absolutely gorgeous, Paulette!

Bertie is beautifully done and I love his fluffy chest.

I do like the way you paint these birds Paulette I think that you really catch the character and they are artistically done

I like the way he is looking at us. Great work Paulette.

Very well done Paulette, he's a wonderful little chappie.

Some of these robins are so tame. Very beautiful birds. You certainly captured its plumpness Paulette.

Posted on Mon 06 Nov 16:35:02

Love that expression !

A beautiful characterful picture, Paulette!

love bertie definitely caught the character of robins

I love your robin Pauletter... a robin with attitude... makes me smile :)

An absolute cracker, you've caught 'the what are you doing in my garden' look precisely. It's loosely drawn and very alive.

...and this is just wonderful.

Hang on Studio Wall

Thought I would try another bird today, took this photo of this very plump robin sat on a branch singing away and then pausing to stare at me to see what I thought. I called him Bertie. I’m trying to incorporate charcoal into my bird art, with a flash of colour. Charcoal and conte on Stonehenge 9 x 12”

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