Sailing south beach Bridlngton

Sailing south beach Bridlngton

Pat a lovely painting I love the depth of the shadows and the colours.

I like this Pat, well done. When I showed a painting of Bridlington someone remarked that the sea at Bridlington was brown and that mine looked like the Carribean! Glad you painted yours blue.

Thank you Fred and Glennis for your nice comments - it can be lovely weather on the east coast, and yes the sea was very blue on the day we were there. But it can be freezing cold, grey and rainy as well. This took me ages to paint when I got home - too much detail. I was glad when it was finished.

I like it Pat and well worth the time spent painting it.

Very lovely painting Pat, nice composition and colours

Beautifully done, with great composition and atmosphere.

I like this Pat--- good work --- sorry about comment no7

Gorgeous light and atmosphere in this one.

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Large oil on canvas, with my husband and dog in the foreground. This is an event to help young people to learn to sail - it was a beautiful day but very little breeze for sailing

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