Makes you look twice

Makes you look twice

Makes my eyes go funny Pete 🤓

And me ! Very disconcerting, Peter, but I love it !

I keep having to blink when looking at this! Feel a little dizzy now..LOL

Made me feel sea I can't focus....weird and wonderful.

It's what you get when you look twice Peter.

good ones

Very strange Peter, so weird....

Hang on Studio Wall

makes you look twice when you see this,,bet he got some stick at school !

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Peter Loft

Took a watercolour painting course on board the Oriana in May last year. Got the bug. Bought lots of water colour materials. Later on joined a painting class in Hull. moved on to acrylics and do at least 2 or 3 paintings a week......Now have 3 hobbies, painting,photography and magic tricks.

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