leaf,hand and sky

leaf,hand and sky

Nice work, Peter.

Thank you Cesare.

Its good, Peter, interesting exercise.

Very good, beautiful background, leaf and hand!

You're attempting more difficult things now Peter so it is harder but your progress is great. This is excellent.

This is marvellous Peter, you are doing so well with your paintings, don't give up!!

What an interesting and unusual subject. I think that finding things difficult does take away some of the pleasure initially ,but with practice, the reward and pleasure comes back. I was like that learning the piano. foolishly, I gave up when the going got tough . I agree with Marjorie, you certainly are progressing well. I really like the use of tone in this painting . The leaf has a lovely 3D feel

This is great Peter. Keep it up, I second Marjorie's comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

last nights art class, painting seems to be getting harder to do the more you have to concentrate on it . i hope i dont lose the fun and pleasure of painting...

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Took a watercolour painting course on board the Oriana in May last year. Got the bug. Bought lots of water colour materials. Later on joined a painting class in Hull. moved on to acrylics and do at least 2 or 3 paintings a week......Now have 3 hobbies, painting,photography and magic tricks.

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