Forum - challenge. My younger self


Oh this is hard - Linda Dury?

I agree, this is hard but it could be Linda Dury. Maybe.

Yes I think Linda Drury too.

Jenny Harris? It’s getting harder.

Yes, well done Fiona! (How did you guess? - I wondered if the drawing style might be a clue.)

Yes Jenny, it s your style and neatness, especially the collar. Very good.

This lot are too clever by half!

Oh Jenny you should have kept us guessing for longer! I've just seen this. Yes, style could also be a give away . I might have guessed someone else....

A bit “Cilla Black” - the hairdo😁

Yes, that hairstyle was popular then - I was quite surprised looking back at the old photos just how dark it was - from the age of about 19 I had it permanently highlighted and almost blonde.

My guess was Jenny but I must admit it was the design features that led me to it.

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And another one to guess!

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