'Market at the Bargate, Southampton' by Oaklands Art Club

'Market at the Bargate, Southampton' by Oaklands Art Club

I like this one, it has a bright and cheery atmosphere about it.

This has turned out so well. A lovely sunny day. Smashing the way the shades have turned out over the stalls. Very well done.

Phew - some work in this one! I really like the activity - what medium?

On behalf of our club members - thank you for your kind comments. We are a fairly small club and several members painted two pieces. The painting medium was left up to the individual so we have a mixture of watercolour, acrylic and oil plus a bit of work with an ink pen sneaking in on at least one piece! William (club secretary)

Very appealing - lovely colours and composition. A bit of nostalgia for me as I was born and lived in So'ton till I was ten- that being many years ago!

This piece was chosen as highly commended by the editor of The Artist in the art club challenge. As such it will feature along side the winning entry and another highly commended piece in the January issue of the magazine. Well done to everyone at the Oaklands Art Club!

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The 'Art Club Challenge' picture from Oaklands Art Club, Lordshill, Southampton is based on a photograph by one of the members taken at Bargate Market in Southampton.

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