GELE: Vintage and Modern

GELE: Vintage and Modern

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Gele is the head piece usually worn by women across Africa for day-to-day activities and on special occasions. O. Yemi is using “GELE – Vintage and Modern” as a metaphorical image to spotlight changes in African culture in this modern day. The art of tying Gele is disappearing like other traditional skills and many modern African young ladies are disadvantaged. As in his recent painting, looking through the window, O. Yemi placed the Nigerian National Theatre building, one of the noticeable landmarks in Lagos, Nigeria, where Gele is popularly worn at the background of this painting. On the foreground is the picture of the artist’s mother on the left side of the table which is archetypical of the vintage era when ladies took pride in having the skills to tie their own geles literarily and figuratively. It was an era when women took pride in been able to feed their family. On the opposite side is the image of a modern lady made up in O. Yemi usual style of Rose and thorns.

About the Artist
O Yemi Tubi

Olabamiji Yemi Tubi, commonly known as O Yemi Tubi and also known in the art world as MOYAT was born in 1955 in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa. His BFA Degree was obtained from Valdosta State College, Valdosta Georgia USA where he majored in Graphic Design. He was awarded Art Scholarship…

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