Hunger in the Land of Plenty

Hunger in the Land of Plenty

Again graphic visual language. In beautiful paintings.

A thoughtful and insightful painting . Beautifully painted.

Really powerful paintings, all of them.

Thank you all. Much appreciated.

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In most of my recent paintings, I take a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. In this painting, as an Artist with my root from Africa, I did this painting with a passion for my continent that is plagued with famine and wars. “Hunger in the Land of Plenty” is saying something about the paradoxical situation of Africa- a continent blessed with many natural resources but still poor. In the foreground, I put an African mother breastfeeding her baby while there are two empty bowls in front of her with nothing to feed herself. Surrounded with drought afflicted land, dead vegetation and livestock. In the middle ground is a woman tilling the dry ground with her crude tool, a hoe The background shows fertile part of Africa that produces enough food to feed the people of the land but the products are exported to other parts of the world. At the top left corner of the painting, I put a cargo ship that takes African products to other parts of the world. African’s natural resour

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O Yemi Tubi

Olabamiji Yemi Tubi, commonly known as O Yemi Tubi and also known in the art world as MOYAT was born in 1955 in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa. His BFA Degree was obtained from Valdosta State College, Valdosta Georgia USA where he majored in Graphic Design. He was awarded Art Scholarship…

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