Beulah and her songbird

Beulah 23

Enjoyed reading your explanation and process.

Very lovely and so clever , the process is fascinating and the result is lovely. It's very touching too about your grandmother at this young age.

Yes some gorgeous passages beautiful work Nancy

Love your very clever techniques in painting this very aristocratic looking woman. An absolute delight Nancy.

Thank you so much Heather, Dennis and Dennis & Carole. I have tried this crumpled paper effect twice now. I am curious to try it with a different paper from the Arches cp 140. to see what happens. And a note about my Gram Dennis, she was much much older (40) when she had her first & only child, my Father. She was a strong, stoic, hard working lady and very loving to her 3 granddaughters, however always insisting on manners and being lady-like. I am lucky to have a stack of love letters she wrote to my grandfather (who died when we were babies from WWI wounds). I treasure these old letters and plan on using them in more work. They inspire me. I just found her thick notebook too, of what to teach children in science class, elementary school 1911-1922.

A great story Nancy. I must say that this lady exudes a fascinating interest. I’m sure there were many interesting episodes within her life.

Wonderful portrait, Nancy, and clever technique.

Thanks Carole for your thoughtful comments, its always illuminating to read old letters, journals, bits of notes our friends & family leave from the past. :) Gives us more insight into them and the life they lived. And Cesare, I appreciate your kind comment, thankyou!

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Watercolor, on a sheet of Arches 140, I wet the paper, run colors everywhere, crumple it into a ball. After a while, unfold it carefully and let it dry. Then I painted this portrait of my Grandmother, she is 23 in this portrait (year 1913). After, I added some mixed media things: notes from her teaching journal, her love letter to future hubby on the shoulder, I sketched a bird on tissue paper and painted it and added it to her shoulder, some skeleton leaves and tissue.

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