Ruined Abbey


That is superb, Lynda!!

Very, very good Lynda

Beautifully painted.

Really well painted Lynda.

Superb painting I feel that I could walk down the centre and feel the coolness from the shade .

Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging comments.

Difficult subject and so very well done Lynda.

Superb painting Lynda with great atmosphere. I imagine very difficult to do!

Really good. I see vistas like this but never have the courage to take them on. How did it go for you? What went right and what would you pass on as advice?

Thank you for your comment Owen. I thought I would start with the drawing and just see how it went and then decide if I needed to add value with paint. The biggest problem was getting some colour into what was in reality quite a dull day. I still didn’t really achieve what I wanted, I never find it easy to improvise on a scene.

It looks a pleasant day. I meant to ask how you achieved the textured effect on the wall around the little window?

It’s granulation Owen - more luck than judgement! I used a mix of Raw Umber and Mars Black.

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Unipin pen and watercolour, A3

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I started painting a few years back and now fully retired I have time to spend on my art. I have always loved the translucency of watercolour and yes, I know it is a difficult medium but when it works the effects are so worthwhile. I have a hand problem and find handling a brush easier than drawing…

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