Red sky in the morning - shepherds warning. You've probably heard of that saying Donna. Lovely Dawn, what are you doing up so early?

Oh Adele I do love reading your comments they give me so much encouragement in my painting!!! I had trouble sleeping too much going on in my head!! so instead of tossing & turning I decided to paint!!

Yes, I know that feeling Donna !

I bet you do Bob ....... mine is all to do with work!!!! Just glad it's a long weekend for me so at least if I can't sleep at night I can nod off in the day ;-)

Generally, I can sleep on a clothesline but I do like to see the dawn, and hear it when the birds are in full voice. You've got the gorgeous pinky colours, and the textures add a bit more interest Donna.

Thank you Fiona appreciate your constructive comments. Normally I too can sleep like a log it's just this week at work has been extremely stressful and is causing me a lot of concern.

Beautiful time of day Donna. I get nights like that too! Hope you sleep better tonight x

Thanks Carole - I hope so too !!

I'm in the middle of painting a largish rose painting and the last two nights I have been painting it in my dreams with the result that I am heartily fed-up with seeing it on my easel and it is only about halfway done. Now I want to change bits that I thought I had finished so I will doubtless be dreaming of painting it again tonight. Hope you get over your stressful time.

Oh Adele I feel for you but at least dreaming of a rose is nice!!! Perhaps you should put it to one side for a bit and take it up again in a day or so. As to my stressful time sadly it is on ongoing issue it's just at times I can't handle it [like now] hopefully this long weekend will help take my mind off it & I can go back to work able to cope with it!!!

There are a few people I know having stressful times at work at the moment, so I really feel for you Donna. I hope everything works out for you. I will also take your advice and put my roses on the back burner for a few days and do something different - thanks. x

Such is life Adele !! Will look forward to seeing your roses after a break, I am sure you will look at them in a different light and come up with something amazing as you always do x x

Dawn is a wonderful time guess we all dream of painting think Van Gough said I dream of painting then I paint the dream (or words to that effect) !? Keep painting dreams

Thank you Ruth - I don't think I could paint my dreams !!! However I try and calm my mind and then let the paint take over sometimes good sometimes not so good but I keep trying ;-)

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Acrylic on 14 x 10 paper

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Having had a life changing experience some 3 years ago I found that I was lost and needed to find myself. I have always been interested in Art but can't draw or paint to save my life. About 6 months ago I bought an original painting that I really liked and thought I wish I could do something likeā€¦

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