My version of a local beauty spot

My version of a local beauty spot

Very nice Donna. I like this!

Looks very nice and peaceful Donna. What medium did you use. Welcome back - so pleased you are having another go. Don't forget that your style is unique to you and the main thing is that it gives you pleasure.

Thank you Bob & Adele. Yes Adele it was a lovely day and I was at peace which does not happen often!! I did this when I got home as I am not confident enough to do it outside unlike my friend [who is extremely talented] & got praised highly by a total stranger. I used acrylic paint on acrylic pad. Thank you for the Welcome back Adele I think I was trying too hard after seeing all the amazing stuff that is put on this site and I felt that my stuff was inadequate. However as you say it does me pleasure and a sense of release and I kept getting flashes & decided what the heck !!! & picked up my brushes. So watch this space and all comments greatly appreciated & thank you.

Your version shows the actuality and your imagination. The curves fit the place, the colours fir the atmosphere

Not many people are born naturally talented Donna. Most of us have started from the beginning and some of us still struggle, me included. Enjoy other artist's work but most of all enjoy your own. All our styles are different. As I type this I am glancing over at your other art works - they look pretty impressive. Don't be too harsh with yourself.

Thank you Derek & Adele your comments are so encouraging and give me confidence to carry on. Because I am now on my own I don't have anyone to see what I do or give me any advice so coming on here was a huge step for me and all comments whether good or bad are more than welcome. Adele I cannot believe that you struggle because your artwork is out of this world truly. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support it means a lot.

I agree with Adele. You have something very positive to offer with your art, Donna, and it's always uplifting to see it!

Like a lot of people, I have had serious problems in life Donna, as you probably have had and art has helped me a lot. I am sure it will help you too. Just be yourself, don't judge your work against other artists. This is your journey - go for it.

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