Acrylex 2

Acrylex 2

I bet it looks great framed.

Thanks Sandra - yes it does look good - with a white mount - frame size is 18ins square

It would make a cool brand logo.

Posted by T H on Wed 13 Sep 23:02:07

Yes I hadn't thought of that Timothy - pleased to say it's off to a gallery on Monday so fingers crossed.

Is it on mountboard Michael? I find it an interesting concept and like this a lot....

It is Sylvia. I use mountboard for all my acrylic work. I get off-cuts from the local framer who makes no charge but asks for a charitable donation in the tin. This means I get a lot of different coloured pieces of all sizes including some very large sheets. I always put them mount them and put them in a frame with glass. this does mean that the largest works are approx. 30ins - above that framing becomes more of a problem so I am thinking of giving large scale canvases a go although I do like the added sparkle that glass gives.

That's quite stunning in its simplicity Michael. I always varnish my acrylics to get the shiny gloss.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another of my current experiments using PVA mixed with waer and acrylic. This one kept simple and when placed in a modern silver frame it does look quite stunning. Not sure if it comes across so well on screen.

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