The gods made love


I really like this.

And the universe, lovely work.

This is lovely and there's a sense of a figure within. I think good art is always in the eye of the beholder and what one person likes another might not - I've never been one for liking something just because it's fashionable (or not!)

Hi Michael, I appreciated your last portraits and I don't found it conventional nor civilised. I think your paintings are always a projection of your self, like it is for all artists. This one, more abstract in itself, is more suited for self-projection for you and also for the beholder. I think you are just in the way of revisiting yourself, because your paintings goes better and better.

Another great painting Michael, I really enjoy studying your work there is so much to see in them, thank you :)

Thankyou for all the nice comments. I agree with the points been made especially cesares comment which made me think I've been rather hard on myself.

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I have been working very hard to increase the detail and realism of my paintings but sadly I feel all I've really achieved is to be more conventional. I fear I've made my work more, shall I say, civilised. We live in an age in which photo reality in art is the fashion. Where is the artist in these works? How does he involve the viewer? Well anyway I thought I'd do something abit different here or rather revisit myself.

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