Wrong paper!

Wrong paper!

Nicely drawn Mia, looks like you salvaged it though!

Its such a shame when that happens Mia, but your drawing makes up for it, I wouldn't like to think I had to climb up there on a regular basis, Lol,

Glad that the wrong type of paper hasn't spoilt your lovely pen and wash too much Mia.

Shame about the paper but drawing is lovely :)

Thank you very much Alan, Linda, Sarah and Margaret for your encouraging comments. Yes, the drawing is ok and I enjoyed doing it but the paper around it is very, very cockled. So it will be a drawing to put in a folder and look at it from time to time.

A lovely scene beautifully drawn Mia, we live and learn with paper :)

Frustrating, but I'd be very tempted to do the whole scene again exactly as you have it, on better paper Mia. It's a nice sketch and worth it

Wrong paper maybe, but still a very good Schloss !

That’s a shame Mia, could you press it between a couple of heavy books? It’s a love piece of pen work.

Beautifully drawn Mia.

If you turn the steam feature off on your iron, and press it, you will pretty much be able to iron out the warp.

Lovely sketch Mia 👍🏻

Your drawing is excellent as usual Mia! Pity about the paper but we all make mistakes sometimes but it doesn't detract from the drawing.

Thank you all so very, very much for your positive and encouraging, comforting comments. I probably will make it again on proper paper and post it here. Fingers crossed... maybo a coloured version, who knows...

Well it came out wonderfully well Mia.

A nice clean, precise sketch Mia. I do like the neutral wash.

Many thanks Carole and Sylvia. Always appreciated.

It's still a very good drawing ! A lovely start to the new year.

Thank you very much, Avril.

Looks good to me Mia but agree that the right paper makes all the difference.

It looks gorgeous, Mia. There's something very subtle and delicate about the washes that work really well here.

Thank you very much Louise and Seok, for taking the time to have a look and posting such encouraging comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a pen and wash of Schloss Königstein in Germany. I was trying out some different (old) paper and it was wrong, it couldn't take the wash!! Size A4.

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