This year's card

This year's card

Great as it is - the light in the background adds to the subject - super design as always Mia

Thank you very much, Michael, for your quick comment. I am glad you like it. The colours of the stars are a bit stronger in the final print of the card, but this gives an idea of the design.

I like the colours and fading background too. It all sits together well. I like things that challenge the way I think (not difficult!) and I like this because it is a simple design that I would never have thought up myself. Well done

No,I would have never thought of it either.Fantastic !

This is so sweet Mia and a very clever image!

Very original, simple design that works very well.

Mia it is lovely - simple but a strong image

The simplicity of the design makes it and as Stephen says it works very well. It's lovely Mia I agree with all that's been said.You should be pleased it's also very different, which is great..

Posted by Joy Lee on Mon 05 Dec 12:16:55

Thanks Kirstie, Paul, Larry, Debs, Stephen, Glennis and Joy, for taking the time to have a look and post a comment. I appreciate all your comments very much!

I think this is delightful!! The fading colours do make the star flowers stand out. It works very well.

this took my eye ,just right for a card , nice one simple dose it

A lovely background and a very original idea. Your daughter's m-in-l has good taste!

I am very grateful for your lovely and positive comments Helen, Alan and Carole. Yes, Carole, she has very strong idea's about what she likes or not and she is not afraid to say it!!!!!

It is absolutely gorgeous Mia! Love the colors and the design. It may be simple, but it is so very elegant. Sorry for the late comment. I am traveling, so only checking in from time to time.

Thank you very much, Seok. Very much appreciated!

Lucky people who get this card, it's a keeper. best Mick

Thank you very much, Mick, this is a lovely comment.

Sorry I missed this one Mia, but glad to spot it in the December top tens! Many congratulations!

Many congratulations Mia for being in the top tens, sorry I missed this one. Beautiful colours and lovely composition as usual

Thank you Mia for pointing me in the direction of the 'top ten' list, I had no idea, and I'm pretty amazed to be listed along side the likes of yourself and the other artists chosen. I don't look at the 'top tens' because I don't think I'll be in them! Lol. Congratulations to you too Mia

Lovely to see you in the top ten Mia :)

Thank you all very much, Lesley, Petra, Kirstie, Fiona and Louise.

Another entry in the Top Ten! You are flying! Superb card - great composition and idea. Well deserved recognition.

I missed this! Hope that your Christmas was truly wonderful and well done for being in top ten :)

Thea and Sarah, thank you so much for those lovely comments. I appreciate this very much!

Hang on Studio Wall

This year, my daughter's mother-in-law chose this design for her Christmas card. She always likes it as 'simple' as possible. I took a picture of my painting in bad light with fading colours in the background and she didn't want me to take another photo, because she liked the background as it was. What do you think?

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