Robert's Challenge / 2

Robert's Challenge / 2

You've done a grand job, again, Mia. Some lovely browns in the hull, and greys in the dunes ... it's remarkable what can be done with just two colours, although there always seems to be something slightly eerie about images that only use two opposing colours.

I do like the continuity of colours through the images.

You've done a great job with these two very difficult colours. I can't say that I really like the colour combination but I accept it was a challenge and that is how I should be viewing it. On that score it has turned out very well indeed.

Excellent stuff Mia, I don't think it could be improved upon. Well done!

Interesting isn't it how these two colours that feel so wrong together can actually turn in to something rather special. You already know which colours do work and yet here's another combination which if it wasn't for this site and Robert's words you probably would never have tried out. I know that I wouldn't have done! Good work Mia!

Again, you see what these complementaries can do - whether one likes the result as a painting is very much something else: these aren't colours you'd normally choose for this sort of scene (although I rather like it, personally) - but the two of them together DO work: you have a good range of tone, which is what we're after, good contrasts, and although you can of course do this in monochrome that extra splash of pure yellow in the sails works very well to bring a bit of life into the painting. The point of this really is to try using complementaries in paintings - not necessarily just the two colours, but working them in with your others to enrich the palette.

Love this Mia, you are brave.

A golden glow to this one .mia!

Super work! I tried this one in watercolour, but couldn't get it to work very well at all, but you certainly have!

I rather like the colours together. Very good altogether.

Thank you all so very much for your positive comments. Except for the brown and yellow challenge, I wanted to paint the same subject to see the different changes in atmosphere. I do see those challenges as exercises in colour-mixing, using only complementary colours together in one painting which I would never normally use. I painted many monochrome pen and washes and I liked that a lot but having to add just only the complementary to it, I found that very difficult.

Interesting combination Mia, and you have really done these colours justice - but aesthetically I really prefer the first version.

Thanks Sharon. I think the first one is the most spontaneous and freely painted because it was 'a jump in deep water' (is that well said?). Doing it I felt as if I had nothing to loose. The others were more: 'I have to keep up the standard'....

I understand the feeling ; why do we get so up tight when we're doing it to enjoy ourselves ?

Great composition and fantastic colours Mia

Thank you very much for your lovely comments Sharon and Petra. I really do appreciate!

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Because I love challenges, I couldn't resist to have a go at Robert's violet and yellow challenge. I decided to draw the same subject, so no problems there. For the drawing I used a Unipin 0,8 marker. On the original painting the sea is more violet on the sides but I didn't want to take another photo because the light wasn't strong enough anymore (no sunlight but heavy clouds coming up). Thank you for having a look and maybe posting a comment.

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