Menin Gate

Menin Gate

Thank you Mia for posting this. My husband and I have been several times and it is a most moving experience. To visit the war graves, whatever country they represent is an eye opener for what is happening in the world today. We visited a grave near Arras where my husbands great uncle died and placed our poppy on his grave and as you say they will never be forgotten.

Hi mia. Thank you for posting this. For moment, I thought it was one of your wonderful pen and washes - what do I know? It would make a fantastic painting. I don't have that sort of skill, but you do. Both my grand fathers served in flanders, my paternal grandfather at Epres - pronounded by british troops as "wipers". I has long been my wish to visit and pay homage, but it has never happened yet. It will. thank you again.

Thanks, Glennis, Tony and Kirstie, for posting those sad family histories. I was not certain if it was ok to post that picture on the gallery. But I did it because, everytime we visit this area, and we do that very often, I am so moved by the atmosphere. We always go to the Menin Gate, it is so emotional to see all those names. In the landscape around Ieper, everywhere you look, you see the graves in the middle of the fields. They used to bury the known soldiers and officers on the spot where they died. In some fields there are just 2 or 3 graves! I am very sorry for your families. I certainly will make a pen and wash of it in the coming days or weeks!

So very sad. Thank you for posting this and reminding me just how lucky I am not to have experienced war. The brave people who fought for us will never be forgotten. It's difficult for me to express how I feel, but I am always moved by these events.

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Sorry to use the gallery instead of my Blog-page. But to let you enlarge the picture, I post it in here. Because so many of you lost one or several relatives in those horrible battle fields, I wanted you to see the flowers on the stairs of the Menin Gate. In my November-blog "Mia", I told you about the ceremony at 11am with thousands of people watching the firemen playing "The Last Post" and the lonely Scottish piper. Yesterday we went to Ieper and I took this picture so you can see, they are not forgotten! There were also poppies attached next to individual names on the walls, so some relatives were there too. In one of the speeches there was a very emotional phrase (it is on the war memorial at Kohima): "When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today"!!! I think this is moving. And to everyone of you who lost someone here in Flanders, I say: WE will never forget!

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