Evening Doggy Walk

Evening Doggy Walk

Lovely atmospheric watercolor Maureen.

Good colour Maureen!

Splendid Maureen. Remind me of our time in Wales

Lovely use of colours Maureen and the figure really takes you into the picture ☺

Accomplished is the word Maureen

Lovely use of the medium Maureen, gorgeous colours.

Nice composition with loads of atmosphere. Works really well.

Lovely warm atmosphere.

Lovely light Maureen.

Lovely, loose watercolour work Maureen.

Good work Maureen

Posted by T H on Wed 22 Nov 22:17:58

Thank you everyone for your encouragement.

Beautiful light on this scene, what a wonderful place for a doggy walk.

Lovely atmospheric painting ,Maureen.

The figures were an essential addition Maureen, I do like this rather bold style and your colours.

Lovely atmosphere and super mark making Maureen.

Beautifully atmospheric, Maureen.

Lovely composition, colours and tones Maureen and that feeling of peace and 'that world out there somewhere'.

How lovely Michael, and thanks everyone

Maureen I love this, such great colours.

I love this Maureen. You have a lovely loose style of watercolours that I can only aspire to. The colours are sumptuous.

Thank you, Stephanie, for your lovely comments. I do appreciate you commenting.

Great portrayal of light. I love how you have captured this lovely moment in time.

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I have been painting for about 30 years. Recently I have been concentrating on watercolours which I started with all those years ago. I like the fluid and fresh appearance of this even though it is so difficult and like to try to keep this look in acrylics, pastels and oil. I love the use of ink…

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