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This is wonderful, beautifully painted and I like the words very much too

What a fantastic sketch book you have with the most delightful paintings. Love the orange horizon Martin.

I like the atmosphere of this painting - very touching, the painting and the words.

Fine words from truly great men Blake and Berger together with outstanding images of nature laid down in a masterful way...

Wow –  I am so excited about the pages yet to come Martin!

Really like this one - a great sketchbook.

I know it may seem trite but I do not consider this to be a sketchbook. A sketchbook is a free space to explore and play, whilst this is that to some extent it is much more considered. I still tackle each page like its a new adventure not knowing where it will take me, it is so much more a stream of consciousness, but there is not the freedom here and knowing its beautiful watercolour paper, there is always a nod towards that medium with my added love of ink.

Hang on Studio Wall

From the Amatruda book of words and images. Quotes from William Blake and John Berger.

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Martin Taylor

I was ​​born in 1954 and am now based in Northamptonshire. I studied at the Ealing School of Art, Wimbledon School of Art and Goldsmith’s College. My work reflects a love of nature, played out in detailed studies of the countryside which surround my studio, a converted stable on a farm. Every…

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