Once there was a way

Once there was a way 32 x 24 oil

So so good ,I admire all your work Martin .

That is stunning Martin.

Fantastic detail, beautiful painting.

Looks like I'm going to get muddy again, still, the suns out. Thanks Martin your painting has put me in a good place.

This is incredible. Just love the reflections in the water. Truly superb.

Fantastic colour harmony, composition and details.

A super work of art Martin, incredibly detailed, but I wouldn’t want “to get back homeward” that way!

Brian, - That. a very positive comment. Thank you and thank you all for your comments too. Frank - Why not? The view at the end across the wonderful Northamptonshire countryside is breathtaking. Even more poignant is the fact that since a barrier went up at the entrance to this bridlepath the whole scene has become overgrown. This really does show the place 'at a time, at a moment I remeber well. It use to be a favourite haunt, not anymore. Martin

What a beautiful day and painted with such great skill.

Reflection is perfect! Lovely!

So beautiful MArtin. Incredibly detailed and realistic.

Wow! That's superb!

Awesome, brilliant water reflections, I feel like I am actually on that muddy track.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas. 320 cms x 240 cms

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Martin Taylor

I was ​​born in 1954 and am now based in Northamptonshire. I studied at the Ealing School of Art, Wimbledon School of Art and Goldsmith’s College. My work reflects a love of nature, played out in detailed studies of the countryside which surround my studio, a converted stable on a farm. Every…

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