Guess who?

Guess who?

He looks very familiar Marjorie but I can't put a name to him. You are really good with charcoal, I find it too hard and messy, I need a shower after using it :)

Great portrait, Marjorie, wonderful eyes.

Like it a lot Marjorie but don't know who it is

"My best moment? I have a lot of good moments but my best one is when I kicked the hooligan" Ooh aah........Come on you lot!

Get a Ranolf Fiennes? Look

"When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea" A quote which had everyone baffled at the time, given the career he had.

Ooh aah Cantona? Great portrait Marjorie!

Yeeeees, top prize to Fiona! I must admit, I liked his style, especially when he kicked the hooligan!

I think it was the eyebrows that did it!!lol

Yes Fiona, they are pretty impressive.

I thought it's the Count of Montecristo! Great charcoal Marjorie.

Great player, great portrait Marjorie.

He could play him in a film Satu. Thanks Russell, yes a great player and a character!

Ihi Marjorie I don't watch television much and I never watch films so I don't know who it is but its superb no matter who it is.

Dennis, Eric Cantona, French footballer, ex Man United, who went on to appear in a few films. Not your average footballer!

That's why I didn't get him, footy not my thing Marjorie but it is a super portrait.

This is outstanding! Great work Marjorie!

Thanks Christof - did you guess him?

Hang on Studio Wall

An old one from sketch book and the reference long gone but can you guess who? Will add a clue if no one gets it.

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