Was I really there?


Beautifully painted Marjorie - a lovely range of memories.

Thank you Margaret. One brilliant place in Orkney is the Italian Chapel, a Nissan hut painted inside by Italian prisoners of war. Have you seen it?

Some delightful objects here Marjorie, and a lovely setting for them. Beautiful delicate work!

A lovely idea, collection and painting Marjorie. It all goes together beautifully.

A harmonious collection of bric a brac, which fits in with the beautiful background. ‘Oh to go to the sea again.........’

Thanks, Alan, Tessa and Carole 🐠🦀🐙

Isn’t it wonderful to hold objects like this, that have been collected from far off lands, or locally, which evoke memories of a time and place. Then to gain even more pleasure from them when you paint them......which you have done beautifully.

Yes Fiona, I find it hard to throw things out, but shells are lovely, the colours and textures. And I must have a ton of sea washed glass!

What an attractive painting Marjorie, I really love the colour palette you’ve used and especially the blues which bring it all together.

I think treasures like this a worth far more than gold. To then re enjoy them by painting them is simply brilliant. I have some bits I’ve collected over the years that I would never part with .

This is beautiful, lovely palette

Thanks very much Christine, Paul and Romila. Paul, every so often I come across " collections" put away in drawers. A few weeks ago I found my elephants - all sizes made from different materials, they're decorating the shelves again! I'm not a minimalist😆

Beautifully painted memories Marjorie.

Lovely work Marjorie

This is super, Marjorie. Love the delicate colours you used.

Sandra, Heather, Carole and Mia, thank you for the kind comments.

Lovely shells and the textured surface certainly looks so real, these objects do ignite fond memories and the cup kind of takes one into the place where we embraced the atmosphere, yes a delightful painting Fiona and lovely trinkets from the sea!

Thanks for the thoughts, Angela.

Hang on Studio Wall

Although I live near the sea, one of my best memories is when I visited Orkney. The cup is from a pottery there, the shells etc are memories of the beach.

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