Not finished

Not finished

Looks bang on to me Marjorie

Hard to say without seeing it..two things..If paint too thick but soft, lay kitchen roll tissue over it and gently smooth to absorb surplus..also levels out paint..Secondly, try diluting paint with pure turps for light area but when paint is dry..alternatively, diluted for dark edge. Too many slap on oil paint as if they were applying stucco but it's more subtle and tempermental than that..possible to brush 'dry' but onto already dry paint, but you probably know these things

God words from roger there, I hope it works out Marjorie, but as dennis says, looks OK

It may not be finished, but it's nearly there - avoid any temptation to plough on thick paint, it'll throw the whole thing out. In your place (and remember, I'm NOT in your place) I would just tighten up the base of the red vessel on the left, so it doesn't melt quite so imperceptibly into the table top, and perhaps glaze some stronger colour over the flower heads: you could even add a little thicker paint to the blooms, with a bit of white to catch the light. Perhaps a combination of the two. Don't overdo anything at this stage or you'll lose the luminosity in a matter of seconds. Better to leave this one in a slightly unsatisfactory state, and start a new picture, than try to get it "right" and work it to death - if you do that, you won't have a good basis for your second painting, but a spoiled first version which is going to put you in totally the wrong mood to take the idea further.

PS - just a touch at the base of the red vessel: to replicate the same kind of division between object and table top that you've got in your blue and blue-green vases: just insinuate it - what you don't want at this stage is thick paint and overly strong marks which will just throw all your work so far out of kilter.

Some very helpful crit here, thanks.

Love the elegance of this piece, Marjorie. Can't wait to see what you'll do with it!

This has a wonderful quiet haziness to it, very soft and gentle. (the way I would like my Sundays to be, fat chance) I like the lost and found method you have used for your background images, I hope you wont go too sharp, its a lovely subtle piece of work.

Posted by C Jones on Thu 26 Feb 18:33:23
Hang on Studio Wall

Struggling now.....more thick paint? But can't really add impasto ( on the light section) because it would look out of place with the I make the edges darker? This could just be a learning curve for the next painting, where I might texture the support first. Any thoughts?

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