Eleanors Cat

Eleanors Cat

I don't look at cat works 'cos I hate the darn things, but it did make me look as to the technique and thought maybe credit cards

Love this, Marilyn and I would be more than happy to see it on my wall. Beautiful jewelled colours, and that thoughtful look cats have when they are content and at rest.

Posted by C Jones on Mon 06 Apr 18:17:13

Love your creative use of colour. The cats eye is just right and give the painting a sense of focus.

Love the movement and colours - great textures

This has the wow factor for me, lots of movement, character and colour!

Great work, Marilyn. Like Derek I avoid cat paintings ( and other twee portraits) but this is different. Vibrant and full of energy. I love it!

Hang on Studio Wall

My daughters cat. I tried to be free my colours and to create a vibrant portrait of a white cat. this was a demonstration piece for my class.

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