"Fool and Horse's"

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You look knackered Trev but it was worth it! Strange what we like to paint….manga to celebs..to classical. Great!

Thanks Marjorie, how can we stop, its what we do, lol, i've been so poorly since last Tuesday after an operation, and everyday i've been painting!!! my wife tells me off, but i can't stop, i told her it's therapy.

Wow that’s a superb painting of the aRoyal Scots Greys at Waterloo if I’m not mistaken. A superb painting Trev, you need to put your feet up mate.

Blimey! This is Wonderful work. Fabulous horses charging Trev. Such a large scale too. I love it!

Very impressive painting. Fantastic!

Fantastic painting Trevor.

Blimey, a labour of love. Your portfolio is so diverse and impressive and you make your canvases too! Hope you're feeling better now.

Another whopper of a painting Trev! Impressive in all it’s glory…..I can’t imagine painting in these dimensions, I’m sure I would never finish it.

Thank you all for your kind comments, yes it's Waterloo, Harry who commissioned the painting is very much the English gentleman, he as the Aston Martin and the two dogs he rescued from the dogs home, very polite, courteous, a joy to be around and it's a pleasure to do commission's for him.

Fantastic work Trev! Hope you feel better soon x

Class work Trev. Really impressive. Hat off to you.

Hang on Studio Wall

This was another large Oil Painting for my friends Wedding Venue, at this stage i'm about two thirds of my way to completing it, it was about 4'30 am and i was really tired, i made the canvas which was a eck of a job.

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