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Certainly fooled me until I read your narrative. Marvelous imagination and creativity.

Heather he's 6 foot 8 inches tall, my Sister in Law when she first saw Scopey said mm! he's quite good looking and wanted to take him home!!!

Just brilliant and unique.

Hang on Studio Wall

I bought the mannequin from the Scope charity shop, i decided to air brush his face and arms, I mixed some skin tones and sprayed on some features, then drilled a hole in his ear to put in a silver earing, I thought I’d go for the Rocker look, so i put some kohl black eyeliner on him. I bought a spikey black wig and glued it on his head, found a pair of black jeans, a shirt and a waistcoat and put them on. He’s settled in nicely, at present he’s in the conservatory, and no problem at all.

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Born Manchester 1950 Time Served High Class Decorator which eventually led to Industrial Steel Fighting ( not for the faint hearted ) I always loved art, and would spend hours as a boy sketching motorbikes, i've tried most mediums but prefer Oil Paints, i like portraiture work, but will attempt…

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