Elvet Bridge Durham

Elvet Bridge Durham

Ah a new posting from Malcolm...trying to find a new superlative...exquisite? Stunning? captivating? Mesmerising? Beautiful? I believe I have used them all so far...oustanding...Yes. Now a Q? how long would a work like this take you?

Phil has said it all, its fantastic.

Very, very well painted Malcolm, you have really given the painting "life". Congratulations.

Hang on Studio Wall

Bockingford 15x 11 ins using some watercolour pencils to create warmth in the darks

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Malcolm Coils

After twenty years of painting watercolours I have spent the last year or so trying to paint in collage and acrylics with little success. I find it difficult to paint opaque paint on to a surface that blots out whatever is there so I am returning to watercolour now I have plenty of time after…

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