Forgotten . dip pen and ink

Forgotten . dip pen and ink

A declaration against those landowners, who don't keep up their property and then wonder how th sheep and cattle get out. Seen loads like this on my hashing. Smashing sketch Malcolm.

Yes money and no love of the country side just profit. A dying art Malcolm

Thank you both Derek and Dennis much appreciated, the care of both our wild and cultivated landscapes is something I feel quite passionate about but not in the freaky way some seem to who only appear when there seems to be a good demo to join in with. Sorry should not get deep this is about art. As I said your comments much appreciated coming from artists like yourselves.

Yes Malcolm, old wooden fences are beautiful , the older the better. Great drawing.

Thank you so much for that Carole, your comments are always much valued and appreciated.

It's mainly stone dykes, (walls) hedges and even the odd ha-ha....posh ditch...around here. Don't see very much post and rail at all. When in bad repair they don't keep anything where it's suppose to be. I like to see old fences like this one Malcolm but only if they are retired from their proper job. Very nice cross hatching on the fence posts and some lovely free and loose pen marks Malcolm.

Thanks very much Fiona much appreciated, close were I live it tends to be post and rail or hedges both standard and laid, but not to far away stone walls start coming into their own.

Hang on Studio Wall

This quick sketch is basically my tribute to the many fences and walls I have seen around the country that have served thier time and masters and are slowly being forgotten, sentimental maybe but each to thier own.

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