Stach Poly. watercolour 12x9"

Stach Poly. watercolour 12x9"

This is really clever, I like that technique Malcolm and it works well. I'm surprised they didn't build a castle on top of that rock, seems to be one everywhere else. They're keeping me busy though! Nice work anyway.

I use to pass this view along with all the other mountains in this range to do my shopping in Ullapool. I bet you've climb all of them Malcolm! Original idea to include the biult up area around the main feature.

I have topped out on quite a few Fiona, but it is shuch a beautiful area and the views from the tops are stunning on clear days especially at sunset.

Thanks Alan, the thing about Stach Poly is that it is really like a high long rib of rock so the top is long and reasonably narrow, no room for a castle, so there is your reason for its skyline remaining unspoiled.

Fiona, I suppose I should really use its correct name which I believe is Stac Pollaidh, my appologies, it is the same as myself not being able to stand people calling the mountain Blencathra, Saddleback that is in the Lake District, if we are not careful true names get lost.

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This painting is of a shilouette of the hill Stach Poly in the north of Scotland, the black foreground surround was produced by first laying on textured paste and allowing it to dry and then applying the paint, the white and violet inclusions were suppose to suggest the quartz inclusions you get in some of the rock strata.

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