Hushe camping ground

Hushe camping ground

Great 'on the spot' sketching. The stonework is particularly fine.

Love your informative sketches Malcolm, they open a whole new world to me.

Thank you both for those nice comments. Fiona I must admit that I feel if you have the chance to sketch in places like that, you get a real feeling of the time and place as you are doing it and every time I look at those kind of sketches it takes me back more than finished works do.

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This was another of my treck sketches, this one is of the doorway into the walled compound in the high mountain village of Hushe that was used as a camping spot for expeditions/groups passing through into the high mountains, this was the last small village before you went for the main mountains in that area. There is also a small sketch of a motar and pestle that people used to grind small amounts of grain into flour and a quick sketch of a section of the buildings in Hushe, you could walk through Hushe in 5 min.

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