Another stunning and original piece of work. I certainly do remember kaleidoscopes, little devices of delight.

Gorgeous, a delight to look at. Such patience a lot of pen work. Had one of those kaleidoscopes, nearly every Xmas, from one member of the family or other.

Posted by C Jones on Fri 11 Oct 06:32:22

Absolutely fabulous - so different, so good, so imaginative.

All I can say is brilliant, superb pen work.

This one is very original, Marilyn, a lot of work and creative phantsy.

Yes I remember kaleidoscopes Marilyn. I also remember AbFab and this is that also! I respect your talent, precision and patience. Gorgeous.

Amazing and very skilled and patient work Marilyn, and yes, I too remember kaleidoscopes and shaking them up to produce different patterns and colours, just like you did here. Lovely work.

I'm in love with this, it's gorgeous! ❤

Thank you so much for your lovely comments Lewis, CJ, Heather, Paul, Cesare, Tessa, Jim and Anna-Marie - Glad you all remember kaleidoscopes!!

Beautiful work, Marylin, such lovely intricate detail.


Absolutely love this

Amazing work Marilyn. Admire your skill and talent as well as the originality of this work.

Wow, this is amazing Marilyn"!

Thank you very much for your lovely comments Jenny, Val, Greg, Carole and Frank.

Fabulous work!

Really like this so different

original and stunning. The birdlike quality contrasts the cat's true nature as a hunter.

Hang on Studio Wall

This pen and ink of mine reminded me of kaleidoscopes - Is anyone old enough to remember playing with those as a kid? I enjoyed using colours, shapes and designs to represent form.

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