Curiosity and the cat (Watercolour)

Curiosity and the cat (Watercolour)

Hope your arm is on the mend Marilyn. A delightful image of a nosey cat, they just can't resist, can they. The object could be some sort of keyway or anchor looks a bit lethal. You have a very nice gallery.

Posted by C Jones on Sat 09 Feb 06:11:16

Cats are endlessly fascinating aren’t they, and this is a beauty. So sorry to hear about your arm problem Marilyn , what a bummer,and must be so frustrating for you. I hope it resolves soon.

Hope you are soon painting again Marilyn. Could it be that the cat and light are in a dark room and the shaft of light is coming in a crack under a door?

I agree with Lynn. Wonderful example of chiaroscuro Marilyn. Hope you recover soon. It must be so frustrating for you.

Thank you so much everyone for your very kind comments and for your thoughts about that curious light source - Really appreciate it.

Hope you are able to paint soon, this is so good. How on earth did you do those whiskers in watercolour and the dark background.

Like the light in his eye and in the mirror - hope you get better soon, Marilyn

The light and sensitivity in this painting is remarkable ... hope you can get back to painting soon.

Thank you again to everyone for your kindness. In answer to Val-Irene I simply painted round the whiskers and also used an “eraser” brush to scrape of paint where an impression of whiskers was necessary. The dark background is simply several layers of burnt umber mixed with French Ultramarine - sometimes the result ends up slightly shiny if over applied but you do your best don’t you? I don’t like using masking fluid because, for me, it never gives a clear cut finish.

Marilyn, it's such a pleasure to see your work as it is always so beautiful. This one is amazing with the light shining on the cats face. So sorry your arm is not so good, I do hope it improves very soon.

Thank you for your kind words Margaret - I really appreciate it.

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I’m suffering with some problems with my right arm at present and am unable to paint so this is another painting from some time ago. The cat and the light come from America and, to be honest, I have no idea what the object is (I’m hoping someone will enlighten me!!). Looks a bit as though the poor cat has impaled his nose on something sharp but I’m assured this is not the case! No animals were hurt in the making of this painting!!!!

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