A Portrait of Peggy (Watercolour)

A Portrait of Peggy (Watercolour)

This cat looks beautiful, such outstanding work. Its eye and gaze, in particular reveals attentiveness and fluidity, and its fur is so finely painted with fine hairs in ears, a superb portrait of this cat, Peggy!

This one is a stunning portrait of a stunning cat, Marilyn. You have caught a great expressivity and the eyes are fabulous. This painting reveal all your skill and your love for watercolours. I would like have a tutor like you and improve my style.

WOW!!, Absolutely stunning,your attention to detail is astounding,love this.

Just perused your Gallery Marilyn,and am totally gobsmacked lol, you have an abundance of TALENT!!!. Incredible!,!Stunning!! works of ART!!.

Amazing work with such wonderful detail. I especially love the eye and cat markings Marilyn.

Beautiful work Marilyn and lovely cat expression!.......

Amazing! What else is there to say?! The eye is incredible, as is the fur, and the expression......

Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging remarks.

I think this is much better than a photo-realistic work actually, as you can feel the subtle textures and a living presence. Your portfolio is very striking and of a high professional quality. Thanks for sharing Marilyn.

Thank you for your comments Christopher - I do have a strange feeling when I paint that my subjects are actually real and need to see, hear and eat and that I have to make sure in paint that these needs are addressed by creating perfect features to enable them to do just that!! Maybe that’s a little weird but I’m glad you feel it comes across!!

Simply stunning work Marilyn!

Gorgeous, love it!

Thank you again everyone - I’m really pleased that there are so many artists out there who still appreciate the photorealistic approach to art!

Amazing how you can do this in watercolour - great work, Marilyn

It is awesome - well done!

Hang on Studio Wall

Had to paint this stunning cat who lives in Australia in my highly detailed realistic style - Hope it works on this one!

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