Pentlands from Blackford Hill - with artist pen

Pentlands from Blackford Hill - with artist pen

And it's a great result. The scribbles make it all very dynamic.

Posted on Tue 21 Aug 17:01:26

Thank you Ibolya. Thank you Sylvia. Thank you Fiona.

When we do this on th spot work we take so much more from it. Love to see sketch book work like this Margaret.

Lovely washes added to o your sketch make all the difference 😀

Oh Yes! It's a smasher now!

Thank you John, Linda and Thalia :)

I adore looking at other people's sketch books. This is such a loose, carefree sketch and so full of energy too.

Thank you Sarah. Must admit I love seeing folk's sketchbooks too. What inspired me to start doing more sketches outside was a Leo de Feu workshop at an RSPB event and his book of sketches on a Canada journey.

Hang on Studio Wall

Same sketch but with added pen

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