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Margaret, this is brilliant! I absolutely love your scribbly lines and marks and just the right amount of wash. His character reaches out.

Thank you so much Fiona :)

Fantastic work Margaret. Full of meaning and character.

This is excellent Margaret. You have captured a character - just noticed we're all saying the same thing because that's what comes across.

Super life-drawing sketch Margaret, nice style.

Good work, Margaret.

Excellent style Margaret and looks like a good sitter!

Really good drawing

Thank you Carole, Marjorie, Alan, Lewis, Tessa and Heather for your lovely comments - they are much appreciated :) Yes, Tessa, he was a great model.

Superb sketch Margaret, exudes vitality

Wonderful sketch, Margaret.

Thank you Russell and Willie :)

Fantastic Margaret, you've caught that relaxed pose perfectly.

Great sketch Margaret. Lovely style.

Terrific pose Margaret. I love the penwork.

Hang on Studio Wall
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A drawing of Pete at Claudia Petretti's art class at couple of weeks ago. Thanks to Pete for being such a good model - how people keep so still is beyond me! Fountain pen.

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