Day 7 - field of sunflowers

Day 7 - field of sunflowers

Well done Margaret, only 51 weeks to go! Seriously I couldn’t do it. I like the squigly pen lines joining up the sunflowers. Good design.

I like your cheerful sunflowers,and the loose washes, Margaret, keep going . :)

Margaret , I just want to let you know that I am doing the challenge for a month only.

Thank you Tessa :) Thanks Annick - didn't realise that! :) I've never got much past the end of January before - so we'll see! (I'm already struggling as I have a LOT of other stuff to do at the moment!) I may only be a month too!

Still , another 4 weeks to go, let's enjoy the challenge, Margaret. :)

Hoorah! Well done Margaret, a fine sketch to finish the week on.

Lovely and bright Margaret.

I agree, Annick, it is a good way to kick-start drawing and painting at a time when it is too easy to hibernate with a good book :) Thank you Fiona and Margaret :)

Love it Margaret, beautifully done indeed

I like the washes here, Margaret, especially how the varied shades transition so subtly into each other.

Hang on Studio Wall

Well that has been a week! Day 7 of one sketch/painting per day. Watercolour and ink sketch of a field of sunflowers at RSPB Mersehead from one of my own photos. 12" x 9" CP.

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