my husband

my husband

This is a stunning portrait, Margaret. It looks so lively and fresh!

A great spontaneous catch Margaret. More power to you for seeing the potential and recording the moment. Well done.

Beautiful fresh and expressive portrait, Margaret. I like this loose and fresh style.

Very spontaneous and fresh Margaret .

A great sketch, Margaret. Painting from life can be tricky, but it brings its rewards.

Excellent painting Margaret. His face is wonderful and the way you’ve painted his hair is fine because it doesn’t detract from the face.

I was drawn immediately to this Margaret. Going straight in with paint has produced a lovely, light sketch. I especially like all the little variations of touch on his face. Excellent all round.

Lovely Painting Margaret , nicely rendered.

Lovely painting Margaret, not easy to paint straight in but you have made a really great job, your husband sounds like mine, quite happy doing his suduko and cross words while I sit painting, oh the quiet life!!!! Bliss😁

Very good Margaret I like your style.

Excellent portrait Margaret

Brilliant, Margaret

I think it's great Margaret. He is definitely studying his Sudoku and you have caught the stillness of the moment very well.

Thank you all for your lovely comments - much appreciated :)

Margaret you clever girl, I really like this, it’s so fresh. Beautifully loose yet descriptive.

Thank you so much Fiona :)

Nice loose style, Margaret

Hang on Studio Wall

The light coming in from outside was really good so I couldn't resist a quick watercolour sketch. My husband very kindly stayed fairly still for me (doing suduko/crosswords) - it is not very flattering - I do find it easier to paint/draw people with dark hair! It might not be very clear but he does have longish wavy hair.

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