Day 26 - quick Self Portrait

Day 26 - quick Self Portrait

I can't judge the likeness, Margaret, but it is a great portrait. Love the mono-colour. Great drawing!

Thanks Mia (yup, I've not put a photo up yet!) :)

It's a good portrait Margaret however quickly done. Like Mia, no likeness to judge, but nice work.

Nice one Margaret! You are shaming me into posting the beginnings of my dreadful self portrait aren’t you? Lol 😂 So far I’ve scraped off one side of my face and one eye is larger than the other but I’m not going to touch it again until Tuesdays art class. It could still go down hill from then on. If I can get a decent photo of it in this light I’ll post it.....thinking about it I don’t want a decent light, the darker the better! Lol

I like the highlights and the loose style, and blue colour, well done ,Margaret. :))

Thanks Jim - my husband nodded so I think it looks like me at least a bit! However, it does make me look younger (my excuse for not putting in the lines in this version is that using a water colour marker on soaking wet paper does not produce a subtle result!) Thanks Fiona :) I'm not trying to shame you at all! I'm sure your portrait is coming along well - (I find self-portraits incredibly difficult - not helped by wearing specs but being really too short sighted to paint without them!) Thank you Annick :) I like using the water soluble markers - though I do find them a bit difficult to control at times!

Lovely portrait, Margaret.

Great mono - colour as said. Very good.

Great effort at self portrait. Have done it once but found it very daunting so good on ya for being so brave.

Thank you Cesare, Richard and Carole :) Carole - I've done a few attempts over the years (not as brave as Fiona, have never done a proper painting, just sketches) but none of them have been very successful I think (I did one quick pen one which was okay but that was about 20 years ago!). of course, on here, nobody actually knows what I look like which is probably an advantage! (I do need to get a photo to put on but I'm usually at the other side of a camera!)

Self portraits have to be the hardest thing to do, you have to be critical of yourself. This is fab. I hope the colour tho doesn't reflect your mood?

There are no lines in nature! There's a good excuse for you; one I've used before. Seriously though, a nice little sketch, and I'm impressed you've kept up the sketch a day for so long.

Thank you Jennifer :) No, fortunately the colour is not reflective of my mood, just the only water colour pen I can find at the moment! Thank you Matthew - I need to remember that one! Annick Whitcombe has been doing the sketch a day as well - much easier with two of us! :) Though I am quite glad it is near the end!!!

Nicely done, Margaret. I like the bold, confident lines.

Hang on Studio Wall

A very quick self portrait (using a mirror not a photo). Inspired by Fiona Phipps' project, and also the January Leisure Painter 31-day challenge (which I'm not following as I didn't buy it until a few days after it started but it is inspiring). Winsor & Newton watercolour marker on soaked CP paper (A4). (I have to confess I've not put all my lines in!!!)

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