"Trees company"

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I like this, Mike. A great sky, something I find difficult to do. It looks like the green foreground was laid over the dark background, did you use gouache for this? Apart from white, gouache is another thing I haven't tried.

Super, Mike, love that moody sky and all those muted foreground tones

Well, this is an excellent one for starters. It's beautiful. It's more difficult to be successful with 'simple'.

Fabulous sky!

Love the shapes of the silhouetted trees Mike.

I like the way you’ve captured the foreground Mike and the light coming from the horizon, very effective.

Great painting and colours, has a very moody atmosphere.

Love the light in the sky, Mike, and the foreground textures and colours

Beautiful sky, tree silhouettes and foreground. Great to see you back again Mike.

my sincere thanks to everyone for the kind comments - it is about 3 months since I have done a new painting. Yes , Lewis , I have used the gouache for the foreground work. I did try first with oil pastel to create a resist colour but lost the effect so went back in with the gouache colours. I do like combining the two - watercolour for transparency of sky , gouache for solidity of ground effects. I also paint 100 % in gouache - often using a black paper base.

It must have been the perfect time for your return to painting Mike because this is a jem. Can’t fault it, I especially like the use of watercolour and gouache together. Gorgeous.

Great balance of tones. Lovely painting.

Hang on Studio Wall

Transparent and opaque watercolour. First attempt for quite a while and one that I just let happen as it fell. A scene that I see quite regularly now between Wanganui and Palmerston North. A simple one for a starter.

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Born & lived in Leicester for 30 years before coming to NZ in 1965 with wife and family. Dropped art at school for more "useful" subjects. Interest resurrected upon arriving out here. Started with oils, moved to water colour some 20 years ago.. Have played with etching and like it. Primarily self…

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