" Portrait of the artist as a drover" in watercolour.

" Portrait of the artist as a drover" in watercolour.

really good handling of the greens, and a great feel to this Mike

Not sure if I'm getting this right. The same painting photographed on different cameras but getting very different colour saturation?? If correct, it wouldn't surprise me. Love the painting Mike, prefer the colour on this one.

Thanks Thalia. Yes , Lewis, the colour difference is purely in the camera used. This is with the $100 dollar Cannon , the other a $1500 Nikon. . Exactly the same lighting conditions - LED lighting , taken at night. From previous experience , I know that I will see the same difference in daylight conditions - but not quite as intense. This one is as the painting for true colour values. As a note , my son in law (the farmer) was driving the ute behind me and could control that dog (black & tan hunterway) with whistles. I was there to check the ditches ! He took the photo on my camera.

Interesting about the cameras Mike. I like this one the better of the two, as Thalia says, lovely greens.

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following a mob of sheep down a "main" highway - bush shirt and shorts - I was decent!!!! This photo taken on a wee Cannon but showing closer to the colours of the painting.

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Born & lived in Leicester for 30 years before coming to NZ in 1965 with wife and family. Dropped art at school for more "useful" subjects. Interest resurrected upon arriving out here. Started with oils, moved to water colour some 20 years ago.. Have played with etching and like it. Primarily self…

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