Wells Woods at 10am

Wells Woods at 10am

Oil pastel can get a bit slippery - they don't really dry. But I don't think you've overdone it on the right at all - and those gorgeous inky shadows really bring this to life. Oil painting paper is quite a good support, or those sheets of loose canvas you can get. I have tried them on watercolour paper, but it didn't quite work (might have done if I'd sealed the paper with gesso); you can of course use them in conjunction with oil paint, on board or canvas, on MDF. The mix of greens here works very well, by the way.

By the way, this is your best one yet - there's a really painterly feel to it.

Nice strong colours and tones here Louise, I can remember using oils pastels for a while, when I first started painting, I seem to remember they were quite good to use with an ink drawing, sort of a line and wash approach.

Another success Louise. It really has a great feel to it..agree with Robert , I have used oil painting paper, have just used a box canvas and am still waiting for it to dry. I think the paper works best for me.

I love this and I agree with Robert that you have not overdone anything. I have been toying with the idea of oil pastels. This has inspired me to perhaps do it rather than think about it! Robert, thanks for the tips about supports. I had wondered what would be appropriate

The greens and blues work realy well Louise. An impressionist feel to the painting, and the strong shadows make it zing. I've just done about 80% of an oil painting today. It was so hot, the sky was so blue, the trees seemed bright green and the shadows very dark - and the oils dried so quickly and went tacky in an hour or so. I think the oil pastels would have been worth a try, I've never used them, though I have worked on oil paper for traditional oils (which I like for smaller paintings) - so agree with Robert that oil paper could be a possibility for oil pastels.

Thank you all for your kind comments. My oil pastels hadn't really recovered from their big melt yesterday and some broke up and dissolved in my fingers today..now they're all a certain shade of green..much cleaning to do! However, I have resolved to find a medium which will allow me to do a painting a day. What with work and children, sometimes I go too long without painting anything. So here is my new resolution, small peices in oil pastel as often as I can, otherwise the learning curve will be far too slow..the paints are always there for when I have more time.

Not over done at all Louise, I think you've struck the balance just right. The shadows are super and bring the whole painting together.

Great cool colours, could do with being there at the moment, Lovely gallery Louise.

In the style of the impressionistic movement, wonderful. Van Gogh sprang to mind when I saw it.

I love this excellent painting. Your greens are amazing!

You have an almost Impressionist feel to this, Louise, and I like it. Your brush strokes are expressive and add to the work. Thank you for your comment on my acrylic.

Louise - firstly, thankyou for your lovely comment on my sarah's garden. Yes she did like it ! Secondly and most importantly, I really enjoy your style of painting. I loved the peaches anyway and the colours in this one are wonderful. I'm no good at pastels so I admire this immensely !

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This is my third painting of Well woods using Sennelier oil pastels. Getting into it now, but I think I may have overdone it a bit on the right hand side. I used magenta Daler Rowney Murano paper as I still have lots of that left from when I used soft pastels. I don't think it is meaty enough for the oil pastels as the surface became a bit slippery in places, (probably because I overdid it). I am still experimenting with different supports..any suggestions welcome.

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