Flat nectarines from the market

Flat nectarines from the market

Actually what I meant to say was stop and let it dry..not "fry"..doh

Love the idea of you 'frying' your picture! Your nectarines do have a lucious look to them, and the colours are lovely.

Agree totally with Debs' comment. Lovely and lush - love those flat peaches !

Thank you both for your kind comments, I'm glad I painted them when I did, they are nearly all gone!

Bought loads of these lovely peaches when I was in France a couple of times this year and then found some in Sainsburys. Lovely colourful painting - good enough to eat!

This is beautifully painted, with a gorgeous palette. I rather like the way you left the jug - it's just distinct enough to suggest its presence but doesn't overwhelm the nectarines.

Thanks Seok, I didnt think of looking at it that way, maybe I will just lightly blend the mauve line into the background and leave it at that. I'm glad you stopped by...

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I painted this after buying some flat nectarines from the fruit stall in the high street. Theye are a lovely soft luch velvet colour and texture which I have tried to recreate. I got a bit stuck on the jug in the background so have decided to stop and let it fry while I have a think about it..

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